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Green World FinTech Service Co., Ltd. (“Green World” or “ECPay”) provides merchants with API services to receive payments from consumers. Merchants can use the following integrated methods via the API to collect payments: Credit Cards Apple PayTWQR(the process of making financial transactions using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.) WebATM ATM (customers pay by bank’s virtual account number), CVS (convenience reference numbers, that is consumers can pay at convenience stores with a payment number received after booking an order), BARCODE (convenience store barcodes, that is consumers can pay purchase at convenience store chains using a barcode),BNPL (Provide YouRich Cardless Instalment Service to make it easier for consumers to pay for the seller’s goods or services.) This document mainly describes the API’s behavior, API’s usage and when to call API.

Payment Process Description

  1. call the  AioCheckOut API to be directed to the payment page.
  2. Show payment methods: Credit card  /TWQR / Installment by Credit Card / Periodic fixed-amount by Credit Card / ATM / CVS / BARCODE / Apple Pay etc.
  3. Consumer makes payment.
  4. After successful payment, the bank or convenience store will notify Greenworld of the payment result and ECPay will send the payment result notification to the vendor.

Payment Flow Chart

Payment Screen

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