Business-to-Business(B2B) E-Invoice API Document


  • Green World (ECPay) provides buyers and sellers (both are business entities) the B2B electronic invoice (in short, E-invoices) API services, supporting both Certification and Exchange modes.
    Certification Mode: similar to B2C e-invoice, which uploads the invoice data to the Platform of Ministry of Finance.
    Exchange Mode: is a conversion from the current paper invoice exchange to the E-invoices exchange.
  • The Green World E-Invoice Platform supports the uploading of B2B E-Invoices to the Ministry of Finance within 7 days and also provides various invoice status checks, which can help merchants to integrate the function into the website (merchant’s system) so that buyers/sellers can check the output and input invoices online. The buyer/seller may also send various status notices of the invoice to the counterpart of the transaction via email. 

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