Green World Business-to-Consumer(B2C) E-Invoice API Document


  • Note: If you are issuing an E-invoice and need to fill in the buyer’s Tax ID number, please refer to this specification document, there is no need to connect to the B2B E-Invoice API Document, please refer to the FAQ for further information.
  • ECPay provides a total e-invoice solution with an integrated API specification, which enable merchants to integrate into their own system. Being as a value-adding center, ECPay helps to upload the e-invoice within 48 hours to the standard Turnkey of Tax Authority (i.e. the Platform of Ministry of Finance) after the e-invoice being issued or created by merchants, which largely saves merchant’s time handling the heavy uploading duty. Our solutions simplify all the complicated operations, providing a more simplified and streamlined way for most e-commerce merchants who still have trouble in integrating e-invoice.
  • In this API guide, each chapter introduces a function (i.e. an API endpoint URL) of ECPay’s e-invoice services. Each function has both API at Stage (testing mode) and Production environment (live mode). Following introduces any information that the developers need to know when integrating ECPay’s API into their system.
  • Just a reminder that in most scenarios in Taiwan, to process issuing e-invoice will require financial team’s help since they will need to handle the follow-up accounting work. So before integrating ECPay API specification, it is better to have discussion about the scenarios with your finanicial team in Taiwan.

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