Preliminary Preparation / Special Note

About ECPay's APIs

❗ Special Note:

  1. Please confirm that the return URL [RefundNotifyURL] for the order refund is open for external connections. Please configure it so it can [receive] the refund results information returned by ECPay via Server Site POST. Before returning RtnCode=1 to ECPay, the checksum must be checked and must match the credentials.
  2. The connection port for ECPay API calls provided is limited to only the https (443 port) option. Please connect using a legitimate domain name system (DNS).
  3. Please confirm that every transaction parameter is transmitted to the ECPay API via http POST.
  4. Make sure that the Server URL connection port is http 80 port and https 443 port.
  5. Please do not store or display any important information data (e.g. HashKey and HashIV) in the front-end application. For example: JavaScriptHTMLCSS…etc.
  6. When transmitting the platform merchant ID parameter [PlatformID], please use the HashKey and HashIV of the platform merchant and create a checksum. The [PlatformID] is the merchant ID [MerchantID] binded to the platform.
  7. Chinese URLs are not supported for the return URL. For the value of URL field, please use the word converted into punycode. For example, 中文.tw is converted into (the should be in use).
  8. To use the ticketing service, please apply for authorization from ECPay.
  9. To protect customers’ rights and online transaction security, ECPay’s API services support only TLS 1.1 and above.
  10. If the merchant’s firewall needs to connect to ECPay’s server, please set the following domains in FQDN format as the ECPay server’s IP address is not fixed:
    • Production: TCP 443
    • Stage: TCP 443
    • If your company’s firewall requires a fixed IP address, please apply through our online reporting system.Please select “Apply for IP locking” as the category and subcategory of the problem.
  11. To allow access from the ECPay server to your company’s firewall, please configure the following IP addresses to be whitelisted:
    • Production: TCP 443
    • Stage: TCP 443 

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