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Ticket Issuance:Electronic ticket / Convenience store ticket

Ticket Issuance:Paper ticket

  • ※This usage scenario is currently not available.
  • Scenario:
    From a platform’s perspective, the issuance transaction of ticket orders is mainly composed of “creating a payment order” (please refer to the <<All-In-One(AIO) API Document>> and <<Embedded Checkout Page API Document>>) and “ticket issuance (Issue)”.
  • If the PrintType is selected as “Print by merchant” for paper tickets, after the ticket issuance is completed, the merchant needs to go to the “ECPay vendor’s system” to print paper tickets and then deliver or mail them to the consumer. If the “Print by ECPay” option is selected, the tickets will be printed by ECPay and delivered by a dedicated person.
  • Available APIs:
    (1) Query Product Information:/api/Ticket/QueryItemInfo
    (2) Ticket Issuance:/api/Ticket/Issue

Ticket refund

  • Scenario:
    From the platform’s perspective, the refund of tickets mainly involves receiving the “Notification of Refund Result (RefundNotifyURL).” The merchant will handle the refund process for consumer returns,and if the platform has specified a refund notification URL (parameter “RefundNotifyURL”) during ticket issuance, ECPay will proactively send a notification to the platform after processing the refund data daily.
  • Available APIs:
    (1) Notification of Refund Result:RefundNotifyURL

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