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  • The “ECPay ECTicket Issuance Management Platform” (hereinafter referred to as the “ECTicket Platform”) provides cooperative platform merchants, cooperative POS merchants, and merchants with the ability to choose suitable API services according to different needs, and integrate the ticket system through interface integration methods (refer to the API integration usage scenario). Prior to this, if the issued ticket is valuable, the order payment must be completed first. This can be done by integrating Green World’s payment services through All-In-One(AIO) API, Embedded Checkout Page API, and other methods. Due to the bank’s escrow function, the payment method is limited to one-time payment by credit card. After the payment is completed, the merchants’s order number is used to integrate this specification for ticket issuance.
  • If you wish to use the Ticket issuing and management service, platform merchants, POS merchants, and merchants must become ECPay contracted merchant and apply for activation. Please visit the following website and fill out the information. We will assign a specialist to contact you.

Ticket Type Introduction

This ticket platform offers vendors the option to issue face-value pickup vouchers or gift vouchers without a face value. Vendors can choose the type of ticket to issue according to their marketing strategies. When applying for the ticket platform service, the pickup voucher issuing authority will be activated simultaneously. If you need to use gift vouchers, please check the additional mark when filling out the application information.

Pickup Voucher

This is suitable for businesses that need to issue and sell tickets. There are no restrictions on the type of products. Physical goods, service experiences, courses, and activities can all be issued through a ticketing platform. Once the issuance is successful, the funds will be transferred to the bank for safekeeping. For example:

  • Hotels and B&Bs issue accommodation vouchers
  • Beauty and hair salon experience vouchers
  • Restaurants and cafes issue meal vouchers
  • Promotional coupons for events
  • Various gift vouchers, and so on.

❗ Translation of the order and payment rules:

  1. To place an order, the consumer needs to create a transaction and use the merchant’s order number [MerchantTradeNo] as the ticket order number [TicketTradeNo].

  2. After the payment is completed, the order amount will be transferred to the Bank SinoPac’s escrow system.

  3. According to the standard contract provisions, valuable securities cannot be restricted by a usage period. Therefore, even if the amount has been transferred from the bank to the merchant, consumers can still claim redemption services from the merchant by presenting their pickup voucher after the escrow period has passed.

  4. For pickup vouchers that have not exceeded the escrow period, the payment will be made to the merchant after write-off. For expired vouchers, the payment will be made directly upon the escrow period’s expiration.

  5. If a pickup voucher has not exceeded the escrow period and a consumer returns it, the merchant can set a refund handling fee. The remaining amount will be refunded to the consumer after the handling fee is deducted.

Gift Voucher

This is suitable for businesses with the need to sell bundled tickets or offer giveaways, such as:

  • Hotels and homestays offer an accommodation voucher for groups of three people where one person can stay for free, with the purchase of two full-price accommodations. (each order includes: two pickup vouchers and one gift voucher).
  • The restaurant is offering a promotion where customers who buy an A main dish can get a free B dessert voucher in the same order (including an A dish pickup voucher and a B dessert gift voucher).
  • Various marketing events such as anniversary celebrations, special holidays, and member days only offer gift vouchers for each order.

❗ Translation of the order and payment rules:

  1. Create Order:
    • Direct issuance of an order containing only gift vouchers is available, and no payment is required in this case.
    • Orders can also be created by issuing both pickup and gift vouchers together, and in this case, the order number of the merchant [MerchantTradeNo] must be used as the ticket order number [TicketTradeNo].
  2. The gift voucher is not a valuable security, so its usage period can be limited according to the merchant’s needs.
  3. Write-Off: Only the status of the ticket will be changed, and there will be no transfer of funds.。
  4. Refund: Only the status of the ticket will be changed, and there will be no transfer of funds.

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