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ECPay logistics services provide merchants with a convenient and fast product delivery service. Currently, we offer convenience store pickups from “Family Mart“(C2C/B2C), “7-ELEVEN“(C2C/B2C), “OK Mart“(C2C) and “Hi-Life“(C2C/B2C). For home delivery service, “TCAT” and “POST” are available.

This specification document is applicable to the following scenarios

  • Order creation directly after shopping cart checkout and immediate shipment.
  • No page bounces, suitable for server manufacturers to send incoming parameters, which can be adapted to different shopping process scenarios.
  • Form-data and MD5 encryption are used for data transmission.

Comparative table of logistics types:

Item C2C store to store B2C Bulk deposit Home delivery

Target group

Individual seller 10 goods or less per day
Merchant (Company) 10 goods or more per day
  • Individual
  • Merchant(Company)
  • Fragile goods
  • Normal Temperature
  • Non-Normal Temperature
    (Post does not provide Non-Normal Temperature service)
Delivery method
Convenience store delivery
Direct delivery of goods to the logistics center
  • TCAT: Use ECPAY's TCAT customer code、Contact the logistics car yourself.
  • POST: Please go to the post office to send the goods yourself. (Excluding representative post offices, self-service post offices and temporary post offices).
Print shipping label
  • Single printing: All
  • Batch printing: All
  • Single printing: All
  • Batch printing: (7-ELEVEN、Fami、Hi-Life)
  • Single printing: All
  • Batch printing: All
Reverse logistics


Yes (Not available at Post)
Reverse method
Return to the original shipping store
Centralized Returns from the Logistics Center
Return to original shipping address
Shipping label test

(The above need to print a test label data and send it to the logistics center.)


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